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The SCUMM Legacy - Villains by Salvini The SCUMM Legacy - Villains by Salvini
Where would the good guys be without the bad guys?
Here are all of the bad guys from the following games:

1. The Meteor - Maniac Mansion.
2. The Caponians - Zak Mckracken & the Alien Mindbenders.
3. Walter Donovan - Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade.
4. Bishop Mandible - Loom.
5. The Ghost Pirate Lechuck - The Secret of Monkey Island.
6. The Zombie Pirate Lechuck - Monkey Island 2: Lechuck's Revenge.
7. Dr. Hans Ubermann - Indiana Jones & the Fate of Atlantis.
8. Purple Tentacle - Day of the Tentacle.
9. Conroy Bumpus - Sam & Max hit the road.
10. Adrian Ripburger - Full Throttle.
11. Dr. Ludger Brink - The Dig.
12. The Demon Pirate Lechuck - The Curse of Monkey Island.
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Nachmonta Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Brink wasn't really a bad guy, it was the life crystals.
Salvini Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2013
Oh I know! But he was the closest thing there was to an antagonist. Besides him, there was just the Spider.
kattipus Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2010
Conroy Bumpus! I only ever plaeyd Sam & Max! Great picture :)
jhroberts Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
I wouldve had Dr Fred instead of the meteor... even though the meteor controlled dr fred, but the meteor looks out of place here
Salvini Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2010
Yeah, you're right in a way. But the Meteor was an entity. It could talk, think and control people, Dr. Fred was much more of a red herring villain. the Meteor is the true villain. Same thing could be said about Mandible, he was the villain upto the point where he unwittingly passed the villain role on to Chaos. But he was the villain with a plan, so I went with Mandible.
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